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After your initial contact with the Learning Lab, you will be connected with a teacher whose background and skills appropriately match your student’s needs. From there, please feel free to reach out directly to the tutor using the contact information provided to you. Together, you can discuss frequency and times of upcoming sessions.


Unless prior arrangements have been made, your prompt payment at the beginning or end of each tutoring session is required. Cash or a check made out to South Shore Learning Lab are acceptable forms of payment and should be given directly to the tutor. Tutoring prices will be covered during your initial contact with the Lab and can also be found online at www.southshorelearninglab.com.  


Please make your best effort to arrive at the tutoring session on time. Teachers are often booked back to back and cannot accommodate staying to make up for late arrivals. If you need to cancel a tutoring session, please provide us with a 24 hour notice.

*Please note that payment in full is expected for missed sessions or sessions cancelled without 24 hours’ notice.