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[testimonial company=”on daughter Michaela’s experience studying French and geometry this summer” author=”Stacie” image=””]All of you have been wonderful and have made the “summer school” time most enjoyable![/testimonial]

[testimonial company=”Norwell” author=”Susan” image=””]My daughter is in Geometry Honors this year, and was looking in the beginning of the school year for some extra help to guarantee she stay on top her grades, and keep up with the work load.  We called South Shore Learning Lab, and from the beginning Adam was so helpful and genuine about making a perfect fit for her and what she needed.  Our teacher, Craig Parkins, was instrumental with our daughter learning – and his teaching – her so much.  The first thing she said after meeting Craig was that he is such a great “teacher” – and he “teaches” me everything as we go along with the lessons.

I can’t thank Craig and Adam for their patience in coordinating a teen’s busy schedule to coincide with their own school schedule, to assisting and guiding her along the way, teaching tips and tricks to better comprehend her work, and just overall having a great, worthwhile experience.
We highly recommend South Shore Learning Lab for any of your academic needs.  We look forward to working with Adam and his crew for SAT Prep and with next year’s AP classes! And, we are happy to report that she always had the “A” in Geometry – and Craig’s expertise helped her along the way![/testimonial]